Gear Systems & Motors

Our gear systems and motors are manufactured using accessories made of
the finest material that can withstand rigorous use and wear and tear,
during continued usage over long periods.


Roller Mill Gears

Size / Grades Available:
Roller Mill Gears (For Brakes) : Sizes : Available from 54 Teeth to 57 Teeth, Gear Pinion : 18 Teeth to 24 Teeth
Roller Mill Gears (For Polish) : Sizes : Available from 43 Teeth to 45 Teeth, Gear Pinion : 31 Teeth to 37 Teeth

Geared Motor

Size / Grades Available:


Gears Chavi

Size / Grades Available:


Reduction Gears

Size / Grades Available:
Reduction gear-CD 2”,
CD 2 ½”