Elevator Systems

Our elevator systems are built to have increased load-bearing capacity for ease of operations
and reduced instances of breakdowns. Conveyer systems are available in various
choices of availability to match clients’ requirements.


Belts for Elevators (Variants of Pure Cotton and Cotton Nylon Mix)

Size / Grades Available:
4”x8mm, 5”x8mm, 6”X8mm, 7”x8mm, 8”x8mm


Rubberised Belts (Black) for Wet Cleaning Section

Size / Grades Available:
(Size: 2”-20”) (Ply- 3 Ply to 5 Ply) and made to order.


Elevator MS Buckets

Size / Grades Available:
4”,5”,6”,7”,8”,9”,10” Available in : 14,16,18 Guage and made to order


Elevator Plastic Buckets

Size / Grades Available:
4”,5”,6”,7”,8”,9”,10” Available in : Depth : 3 1/2" and made to order


Bucket Bolts and Belt Fasteners

Size / Grades Available:
Bucket bolts-5/16”x1”, Bucket bolts-5/16”x1 ¼”
Belt fastners-3/8”x1 ½”, Belt fastners-5/16”x1 ¼”

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